Video Capture, Timer, Mail, FTP, Convert and more...

What's new in new version

What is Bear's Hand?

  • Application for Mac OSX
  • Capture video input to still picture or movie
  • Complex timer with day, time, week of day, length, interval.
  • Remote cotrol by Apple remote and mail.
  • FTP upload
  • Mail sending
  • Movie to movie convert including 5G iPod (video iPod), DivX, Flash and 3GPP for mobile phone

What you can do make with Bear's Hand:

  • Record, convert it for 5G iPod and add it to iTunes using timer, or convert it for SONY PSP
  • Video and still picture timer recording
  • Web cam (Still / Movie) to PC / Mobile Phone
  • Time lapse movie (requires QuickTime Pro)
  • With medical camera, monitor and record operation with Apple Remote
  • Simply monitor video to enjoy TV with simple floating window or full screen
  • and more ...

Unique Points:

Input devices:

Free until 2013/7/31 for beta testing


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