Web cams by Bear's Hand

  • [PET] TONJIRU theater (IMAZINE) >>Home >>Live Cam
    A pet theater acted by three cats and three turtles. 10 sec interval.
  • [PET] NOBITA Live (Childa at Mark) >>Home >>Live Cam
    A dog "NOBITA". 30 sec interval.
  • [PET] I Love Dorry BBS >>Live Cam
    Dorry and her lovely puppies. One minute interval. BBS in Japanese
  • Ogiwara Econos RPF manufacturing equipment (Ukai Plant) LIve cam >>Live Cam
    A Mac works as web server and video catpture machine.
  • Mr. Shibuya's Page >>Home >>Astro Live Cam
    Starlit sky picture from home at Shinoyama City using high sensitivity camera.
  • ATO's Page >>Home >>Live Cam
    A street of Minami Aoyama in Tokyo and the portrait of Mr. Ato
-- If you have live camera by Bear's Hand, please tell me by mail. I welcome pet live camera even if it is not by Bear's Hand.
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