ScriptShiiva is an application that adds AppleScariptable performance to altShiiva 0.9.1 which is a video file converter to make .mp4 file for PSP. All function other than ability of AppleScript is same as altShiiva 0.9.1.


This application is freeware, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
The source code is available at here.

About AppleScript

Values to set and get:
inputFiles: input file path in Unix full path format
outpFiles: output file path in Unix full path format (Caution: name is not "outputFile")

Process: start converting (same as "Go!" button in "Processing" tab)


ScriptShiiva0.9.1(E).zip (Application and manual) (Source code. most user needs not this)


ScriptShiiva Copyright 2005 Moments Studio.

This application is developed based on following projects.

altShiiva 0.9.1 Copyright 2004 Hetima Computer.

OpenShiiva 0.8.9 Copyright 2003 Makira.

mpeg4ip 1.2

xvidcore 1.0.3

And projects included in OpenShiiva 0.8.9.

© 2003-2005, Moments Studio. All rights reserved.